Happy memorial day!! Hope everyone out there had a great time celebrating! As for myself, I was unable to do any celebrating due to work. However I did get just enough time to complete the Murph WOD. Something I've done on Memorial Day and Fourth of July every year for the last three years. For... Continue Reading →

GOT Knowledge Bombs

DAMMIT!! Would George R.R. Martin finish the books for shit sake?? Or HBO hurry up and air season 7? Neither could happen soon enough. So in the meantime, I'm going to reread the series for the 3rd time. As I do, when I come across one of the many quotes, or conversations, or scenes or... Continue Reading →

Favorable Winds

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable" Sure, just hoping in a boat and sailing away from from the harbor will get you somewhere, but is that somewhere the place you was looking for? Is it a better place than where you were before? Point is, it... Continue Reading →

Enough Farcing Around!!

Lately, Ive been looking into new career options and I keep coming back to this idea of being a Digital Nomad. Somebody who lives out of a backpack and can travel and work from essentially anywhere that has wifi! The reason this has me so intrigued is my dream of traveling the world. Ive never... Continue Reading →

#Dailyprompt: Pursue

What are you pursuing? What is your "quest"? What are you goals? All simple questions, or at least they should be. But for many people, when asked these questions, they tend to freeze up, or laugh it off, or give the same generic answers as 99% of the population: I want to be successful, raise... Continue Reading →

Wake-up Routine Vol: 1

So over the last few months that I've been trying to evolve myself into a much more productive, educated, motivated and overall better person, my morning routine has probably been the key contributor to the progress I've made so far. As I was reading Tools of the Titans by Tim Ferris I noticed that one... Continue Reading →

The Abyss, My keep

Above the abyss I shall tread, Watching the passers by. It is here that I shall stay, and on the trade winds they shall fly. Their treasure to hold Is the distant shores I seek. It is here that I must stay The abyss is my keep.   First poem I've wrote since 7th grade... Continue Reading →

#Dailyprompt: Lifestyle

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle Lifestyle: Noun. They way in which a person or group lives. Synonyms include: behavior, habits, way of acting. As a fairly young twenty something Im finally starting to realize that your quality of life is a direct result of the lifestyle (daily habits and behaviors) you live. Sounds like a no... Continue Reading →

Man up….and keep a Journal!!

No seriously. Keep a journal! All the cool guys are doing it. Thats right fellas, we get to have little locked diaries to write about our crushes and dreams of being pro basketball players too! Just make sure to keep it hidden away with a desperate hope your big brother doesn't find it and show... Continue Reading →

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