Seas of Consequence

“On graduation day, we were all on the same starting blocks. You chose the bank job. Thats a sure thing. I simply chose to sail the seas of consequence.” – David Lee Roth. I may have paraphrased a little bit, but thats an exerpt from a story Henry Rollins was telling on the Joe Rogan Podcast. That was David’s response to a high school friend who once said that things must come easy to him since he is David Lee Roth.

In Tim Ferris’s book Tools for the Titans, he interviews an ultra marathon runner that says her biggest advantage is that she makes it a point to train in bad weather. The harder its raining or snowing, the better. “I like to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because i know my competition took it easy that day”.

These are just a couple examples of highly successful people who don’t rely on doing enough to get by and taking the easy way out. Its an interesting to me because these days we tend to see most successful people as the ones who were just lucky enough to make it big. While there may be some who started from a more privileged background with a head start on the rest of us, we are greatly discrediting most successful people simply for being more successful than us. Now luck surely is a pretty big factor, but luck tends to hang around those who are putting in the most work. But far to often, we fall in the trap of complacency and just getting by like everyone else.

Today, lets all start by putting in just a little more work. Be just a little more uncomfortable than usual. Even if its something as little as a new workout at the gym.  Apply for that new career, or new position at your job. Find a cute girl and ask for her number. Just make these small attempts at normally uncomfortable things every day and build on that. Success in anything is a long chain reaction of events. As long as the consequence of any failure isn’t death, then you’ll learn from it.

Get off your safe little island that your every day life provides you, and sail the seas of consequence. Who knows whats out there waiting for you.

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