My favorite charity.

Its easy for us to forget sometimes just how well we have it. We wake up in our well built houses or apartments, take a nice hot shower, grab a bite to eat at the refrigerator, and enjoy some TV and all the other comforts electricity affords us. For most of us, anything we could possibly need to survive is usually just a short trip away from our little bubble of safety and convenience. Well for so many others, its not that simple and the lives me and you live are just dreams of what they will never get to enjoy.

That being said, I feel like its our duty to give back any chance we get, be it donations to a charity or volunteering. Now I’m no perfect angel here. I definitely haven’t given as much time or money as I could have. But I’m trying to get back to that. I used to donate regularly to my favorite charity and even did a birthday fundraiser asking for donations to that charity as my gifts instead of anything else. Even now, starting a new job making less money, further in debt than I have ever been, and adding a new car payment on top of it, there is still no reason I can’t afford $10 a paycheck. So thats where I’m going to start for now.

And thats what Im asking of you now. At least a $10 donation to the charity of your choice. Find a charity that supports a cause you believe in, make sure they are transparent with how the donations are utilized, and start giving. Ten dollars out of each paycheck you can afford. Thats maybe two or three less coffees a week. Eating out maybe one less time. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


663 million people in the world live without access to clean drinking water. Thats 1 in 10 people alive. Or twice the population of the entire United States. Many families, usually women and children, travel up to four hours a day to collect water from unsanitary sources. Often this drinking water spreads dysentery, cholera, and typhoid. Because of diseases like these, dirty drinking water kills more people yearly than WAR!! And even worse, 43% of those deaths are children under 5 years old.

Now for the bright side. By helping these villages get access to clean drinking water, not only does that mean less disease, but more time in the day for children to actually attend school. More time for the parents to work and start businesses. That means better family life, better education, better economy, and just an overall improvement in the quality of life!

The water crisis is a solvable one. And if it gets solved, or at least greatly improved upon, these small villages around the world will be able help stop the spread of diseases, expand their economies, and overall contribute to society far more than they are capable of today.  And thats why I choose to donate to Charity:water. They go to these villages and work with the locals and experts to find the best sustainable solutions for each area. Whether its drilling a well, a piped system, BioSand filters, or a system for harvesting rainwater, they do it. At each of these water points, Charity:water and partners train the locals in hygiene and sanitation, and put together a local water committee to ensure the clean water can be maintained. I highly recommend checking out their website They give far more detail and even publicly post all their annual financial reports so you can see where the money goes!

So thats my thoughts on giving back. Hopefully now I will stay consistent. Feel free to remind me from time to time so I stay focused 🙂

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