#Dailyprompt: Lifestyle

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

Lifestyle: Noun. They way in which a person or group lives.

Synonyms include: behavior, habits, way of acting.

As a fairly young twenty something Im finally starting to realize that your quality of life is a direct result of the lifestyle (daily habits and behaviors) you live. Sounds like a no brainer, but hey, we are all young and dumb at least once right? Some longer than others (raises hand shamefully).

For most in their twenties, as long as your going to school, or putting in your forty hours a week at work, and going to the gym once maybe twice a week, then you earned the right to slack off on the weekends. Go out to the lake Saturday. Meet up Thursday for happy hour. Buy those shoes. Sign the lease for a new truck….all these things are okay because you EARNED it, right?!

Well, yes and no. Of course you’re allowed to do whatever you and as long as your bills are paid or your passing classes along the way, then whats the harm. Im here to tell ya my friends, the harm sneaks up on you down the road, but thats faster than you might imagine. By mid twenties, you’re working a job making a decent living, but you’re miserable there. You’re bills are paid, but that emergency fund and travel fund never seems to get any fuller. Go enjoy some whiskey shots for the game, you’re only 20 lbs overweight, i’ll get back in the gym in January. Basically you’re taking care of all the big things like bills, work, car payment.. but the little things got neglected for years. Or at least they did for me.

So I made a lot of changes. I took a pay cut and got a job that is far less stressful. I spend nearly all my money on bills and what little is left goes towards credit card debt. In stead of sleeping in all the way up to the alarm for work, i get up early. Start my day with a short bedroom workout to get the blood flowing. Make my bed. Read or write a little. Have a good healthy breakfast instead of greasy fast food. All this can be down in as little as two hours. Then the rest of my day seems to be charged up. I have more energy, My thoughts are more focused and wander less. Most importantly, I’m not a cranky asshole until noon everyday like I used to be. Then I commit myself to strict workout program four days a week at the gym. Just get in there and bust your ass for 45 minutes. Then I completely overhauled my diet. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a cold beer and fat juicy cheeseburger or pizza, but I stick to a 80/20 rule. 80% of my intake is clean home cooked meals, and the glorious 20% is whatever the fuck I can get my grimy hands on! Lastly, I started keeping a Journal, or a “Captains Log” because who doesn’t want to be a damn pirate!! The journal is great for many reasons, all listed in my last post.

To wrap this all up, basically once I started focusing on the little things, they spilled over into the big things very quickly and profoundly. After implementing the journal, clean diet, workouts, and early morning routine, I can honestly say I’m happier and physically feel better than I have in the 10 years since graduating high school.

So there it is. My little lifestyle changes that are changing my life.

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