The Abyss, My keep

Above the abyss I shall tread,

Watching the passers by.

It is here that I shall stay,

and on the trade winds they shall fly.

Their treasure to hold

Is the distant shores I seek.

It is here that I must stay

The abyss is my keep.


First poem I’ve wrote since 7th grade english assignments. So don’t judge me too hard for poor format or just overall terrible and child like rhyming. Ive just had a lot of things going through my head the last couple of days about how I’m going to start traveling and living this life that I’m very determined to live. Ive just felt kind of stuck and treading water, and that word ABYSS just kept popping up in my head. So tonight i decided to just sit down and get it out. Didn’t plan on it being a poem, just wanted to jot down some thoughts and this is what happened. I must say, I do feel a little bit lighter now that I’ve gotten it out!!


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