Wake-up Routine Vol: 1

So over the last few months that I’ve been trying to evolve myself into a much more productive, educated, motivated and overall better person, my morning routine has probably been the key contributor to the progress I’ve made so far. As I was reading Tools of the Titans by Tim Ferris I noticed that one thing nearly everyone he interviewed had in common was some sort of morning routine that one did every single morning to kick start the day. If star athletes, billionaire CEO’s and scientists all agree it contributes to success, why not give it try, right? Best decision I ever made. So Id like to share what seems to work for me!

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off. Roll out of bed, pick up the full glass of room temp water (set a full glass on my nightstand right before bed every night) and chug the entire thing. I drink the water at room temp because I read once that its a better on your digestive system than cold water. Not sure if there is any truth to that, but it seems to do the trick for me. Usually 30 min to an hour after that glass, its time to go sit the throne, if you know what I mean.

6:35: Make the bed. As Tim Ferris explains it, even if you have a terrible and unsuccessful day and you feel like you’re barely hanging on by a thread, when you go home, you get to sleep in that bed you made. If nothing else at all, you accomplished that one single task. I believe he states that he learned this habit from two people: a monk and a high ranking retired navy vet. I promise you this will make a far larger impact than you think.

6:40: 10 to 20 minute short workout of ANY kind. This is not to be a replacement for your main workout regimen, just something to get the blood flowing and your body to wake up and get back into itself. I have a few kettlebells, steel mace, and some mobility bands that stay in my room. Some days ill do a kettlebell circuit for the best results. Some days I just do 100 pushups or 100 squats. And if I’m really not feeling it, Ill at least lay around on the floor with the mobility bands and stretch myself out for 20 minutes. Not only with you feel a little more invigorated, science actually says early morning is the best time to workout anyways.

7:00: Hop in the shower. Now I’ve read all kinds of studies on the great benefits of taking cold showers, and I’ve tried them, but i just can cut it for the whole shower. However I do take a hot shower, but spend the last 20ish seconds with as cold as I can get it, just before shutting it off. Im sure this isn’t nearly as good as the whole shower, but it provides me with enough of a system shock that I’m 10 times more awake and its well worth 20 seconds of discomfort.

7:10: Spend at least 20 minutes with my journal, or Captains Log as I like to call it (like I said, I want to be a pirate when I grow up). Ive talked in previous posts about what I use my journal for so I won’t get to in depth. Just sit down and let your thoughts out!

7:30: Learn something for 30 minutes. Now as I’ve said before, its hard for me to focus for  long periods. Thirty minutes seems to be the perfect zone for me to retain that information this early in the morning. Currently I’m using Duolingo to learn Italian, and bouncing around between like 3 books. So every morning I pick the Italian lesson or a book and hit it hard for 30 minutes.

8:00: Prayer of any kind. Or meditate. Or sacrifice to Odin. Or whatever it is that gets your spiritual gears turning, do it. I use this time to show gratitude for the things I have, ask for guidance in the things I want to accomplish, and lastly to let go of control a little bit, let the chips fall where they may.

8:05: Time for breakfast!!! I have a small cup of blended veggies (tastes terrible, but I chug it down and a thats a large portion of veggies for the day!) and cheesy scrambled eggs with diced green peppers and onions.

8:15: Brush teeth and get ready for work!!

Now admittedly some days I’m just not feeling it, but as long as I get up and at least half ass my way through this routine, I feel better for it later. Id highly recommend playing around with some sort task driven, healthy-ish routine for everyone. Its definitely a feeling out process to find what works best for you, but its definitely worth it! Give it shot!! Would love to hear feedback on any ideas thats working for others!

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