Favorable Winds

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable”

Sure, just hoping in a boat and sailing away from from the harbor will get you somewhere, but is that somewhere the place you was looking for? Is it a better place than where you were before? Point is, it helps to have a bit more of a destination in mind. If you know where you’re going, you’re more likely to catch favorable winds than you are to end up adrift.

This is a philosophy I’ve been incorporating into my health much more this year than I was before. For nearly 10 years I’ve been fairly consistent in the gym. Always been a pretty active person, never letting myself get too far out of shape despite the absurdly large intake of alcohol for a guy my size. I always floated right in the middle of beach bod and dad bod, while maintaining an above average level of strength in the gym. But thats starting to change.

Im starting to be much more aware of how each meal and each workout effects my body. The tiny little muscles and tendons that get sore. The very acute bloating after meal. And since I’ve been noticing them, I’ve become far more interested in taking that feedback from my body and using it. Ive become more focused and have a “destination” as it were.

So with that destination set, or goal in mind, my workouts are much more deliberate and purposeful. The great part about that is when you really do the research, your workouts become more efficient and productive and sometimes seem even easier. SOMETIMES. Don’t get me wrong, a regularly scheduled hardcore kettlebell session until you puke up last nights beer is absolutely still beneficial.

Same goes for your diet. Start viewing you meals as fuel, not rewards. Once you do that, you will take back control of how you feel and how you perform, on every level imaginable. Seriously, go do a 10 minute google session on how much your gut biome effects everything from your digestion, mood, cognitive functions, sleep, energy level, sex drive…etc. You are what you eat is not only one of the most cliche’ things ever said, its one of the most profoundly true. If you’re willing to be a little uncomfortable in the beginning while figuring out the diet that works for you, then you’ quickly realize there is plenty of tasty healthy foods out there. Research and experiment is key!!

Pay attention to how your body feels (pick your destination). Figure out what needs to be changed to get healthier (set the coordinates). Then get your ass in the gym, and kitchen, and figure the rest out as you go (pull anchor and set sail). If you stay consistent, listen to your body, and seek help from others, you will undoubtedly start making progress (favorable winds will take you to the destination).

And lastly, MODERATION! Im a firm believer in “moderation in everything, including moderation”. 80/20. 80% of the time focus on your health and do everything to improve it. But the other 20%, go out with some friends and have a damn beer and pizza!!

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