GOT Knowledge Bombs

DAMMIT!! Would George R.R. Martin finish the books for shit sake?? Or HBO hurry up and air season 7? Neither could happen soon enough. So in the meantime, I’m going to reread the series for the 3rd time. As I do, when I come across one of the many quotes, or conversations, or scenes or whatever it is that really resonates with me or that I just flat out enjoy, I’m going to post it along with any thoughts it provoked in me. Obviously these are just my own personal opinions and nothing more. I know I’ll enjoy writing about it and I hope anyone reading does too! Started the reread today, and here is the first one…

Game of Thrones, Bran’s first chapter:

Ned Stark to his son Bran “…the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look in his eyes and hear his final words.”

This scene takes place right after Bran for the first time witnessed Ned beheading a deserter from the Nights Watch, in which Ned proceeds to explain to Bran why he killed the man himself instead of having someone else do it as many other lords usually do. Now the very obvious first thought is this shouldn’t necessarily be taken literally in todays age, as hopefully you aren’t taking anyones life. But in the metaphorical sense. I believe that at its roots, this means if you’re going to pass judgment on someone then you owe it to them to own up to your own thoughts and opinions. Furthermore, that applies to really all decisions in your life. Make your choices then stand by them. Being honorable, I guess you could call it. Not taking the easy way out even if most others do in the same situation. That characteristic in this scene kind of lays the ground work for showing how honorable Ned is and why he has gained the respect and adoration of many characters around him. Do what is right, and honorable, even if there is consequences or if others wouldn’t do the same in your shoes.

There it is! My first GOT Knowledge Bomb! Not necessarily me passing any knowledge on, but just the thoughts that go through my head after reading some of G.R.R.M.’s masterpiece!!

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